Doğadan Evinize...


NATUR Honey is a specialty honey packer and exporter company located in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. Owned and operated by Deniz Cakir and Cengiz Atlıhan, NATUR Honey Company specializes in Turkish polyflora honey, pine honey and citrus blend honey. Our staff members are experienced dealing with honey more than 10 years to assist you in any aspect. All of the honey that we carry are strictly Turkish Origin as it is strictly prohibited to import honey to Turkey by the Turkish Government to protect the interests of domestic beekeepers. Turkish Honey is concidered to be one of the best kinds around the world with it’s quality and unique taste. Turkey is the second largest honey producing country with it’s 105.000mt production per year.

NATUR Honey Company is committed to providing it’s customers with the best quality Turkish Honey. To do this, we work with skilled and experienced bee keepers. NATUR Honey works directly with sellected beekeepers from all around Turkey to find the best quality and the prices for our selected customers.

We fill our bottles and drums with passion to fullfill our customer’s needs in our factory every day, and we are happy to ship our products directly to you. EVERYONE enjoys delicious honey and that is exactly what we offer!